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    Defined Bible Black Large Print Leatherflex 

S. H. Tow and D.A. Waite, Jr
Published by Bible for Today

The Defined Bible is a King James Bible with all of the archaic, difficult, and uncommon words and phrases defined in footnotes! Keep the reliable, faithful old King James Bible. Perfect for new converts AND mature Christians. The Defined Bible makes understanding the language of the Bible easier, while remaining 100% faithful to the King James text. No verses are missing, added, changed, or called into question. It's simply the good old King James with footnotes to help you understand some of the more difficult language. 10-point text size.

Price: $25.00


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Defined Bible Large print Burgnudy Red hardbackDefined Bible Large print Burgnudy Red hardback
Excellent large print hardback edition for study

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