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    Boys and Girls Who Became Great Missionaries 

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John Theodore Mueller
Published by Revival Fires ()

Some of the missionaries found in this book are well known to Christendom while others are little known by men, but well known of their father. The reader is sure to enjoy each short story and be moved by the experiences of these missionaries.

Boys and Girls Who Become Great Missionaries is the type of book that just may change your life. Founder of AGM, James Gardner, read the story of William Carey and it changed his life and was major part of Brother Gardner's attempt to put a soul winning fair ministry in every state in the in the United States. Read the stories of the following: John Elliot, David Brainerd, Bartholomew Ziegebalg, William Carey, Alexander Duff, Henry Martyn, David Livingston, Robert Moffat, Allen Gardiner, Adoniram Judson, John Paton, and Robert Morrison.

Excellent Book Paperback 147 pages.

Price: $12.95


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