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    Henry Morris Study Bible 

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Dr. Henry Morris, Ph.D. and Thomas Nelson

 Now the most complete and uncompromising study Bible defending the scientific accuracy of Scripture has been enlarged from 1,620 pages to 2,202 pages. With larger, easier to read type and 50% more commentary, this is the one of the finest study Bibles available.

Study Bible King James Version

This is a new edition of the only study Bible stressing the defense of the Biblical Christian faith from the perspective of literal creationism and absolute Biblical authority.

"Dr. Henry Morris, our generation's foremost spokesman for biblical creationism, has given students and teachers an invaluable tool for the defense of the Christian faith ... matters related to geology, earth history, astronomy, biology, and other sciences. Dr. Morris's clear insight and doctrinal integrity combine to make this one of the most helpful study Bibles available."


"No other Bible offers a more direct or immediate scientific and doctrinal foundation for biblical creationism and biblical infallibility."

"No shred of evolutionary compromise will be found in the notes of this study Bible.

Price: $99.99


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