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    Familiar Sketches from 1st Samuel 

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Dean M. Weaver
Published by Multiple Ministries

Excellent for Sunday school or home school classes. A great aid to any study of First Samuel.

Table of Contents:

  • Lent to the Lord as Long as Life
  • Good-bye said those Trying to Get By with Sin
  • Wakened by the Word and a Witness to its Warning
  • The Assumption About the Absence of the Ark
  • Toppled in the Temple and Threatened by Tumors
  • Bereavement for the Beholder at Bethshemesh
  • A Staggering Wallop in Stormy Weather
  • Listening to Want that does not Want to Listen
  • Looking for the Beasts But Led to the Best
  • Touched in the Heart and not Tetched in the Head
  • The Divine Defeat before the Day's Heat
  • Math that Makes a Minus
  • Rubbing Out Opposition and Rubbing in Odor
  • A Lot of Harm in a Little Honey
  • When it is a Sin to Try to Serve the Lord
  • The Music that Modified the Mood
  • A Shot between the Eyes not Seen Coming
  • A Tin Ear for the Tune of Triumphs
  • Fast on the Feet and Fooled by a Fake
  • The Way Known by the Weapon Thrown
  • Avoiding Capture by Acting Crazy
  • The Cost of a Half Truth Paid by a Whole Town
  • A Daily Danger but a Divine Delivery
  • Life on the Line but Let off the Hook
  • An Ugly Man who had a Beautiful Wife
  • Playing the Fool is a Senseless Game
  • An Invented Threat from an Imaginary Thought
  • A Familiar Spirit with a Frightened Sight
  • The Seizure of Doubt that Squeezes Out
  • Taking Back What was Taken Eyes First Closed in Disobedience and Finally Closed in Death

Tall Paperback 184 pages

Price: $19.95 on special


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