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    Christian Manhood 

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Gary Maldaner
Published by Plain Path Publishers

Excellent manhood manual. If you ONLY get one item for teaching Manhood then this is our highest recommendation!!! Christian Manhood is a book that has been written for boys—for the purpose of training them to be spiritually strong men. Christian Manhood emphasizes the spiritual while presenting clear, Biblical principles in a practical way. The pattern set for boys as they study the book is to learn from Scripture, examine their own lives, set goals, and put into practice a “pattern of good works.” Titus 1:7 Christian Manhood recognizes the need of and provides for the spiritual guidance of a boy growing up in today’s troubled world. Christian Manhood is for use by parents, home schools, Christian schools, churches, mission schools, and children’s homes with boys between the ages of 11 and 14. Christian Manhood is 8½ by 11, 259 pages, spiral bound. ALSO AVAILABLE: A 100 - page Teacher’s Guide ($10.00) provides learning objectives, background information, suggested memory verses, teaching methods, and the answer keys to the many Student Exercises and Questions to Think About sections.

Price: $21.95 on special


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